Luk Frese

Luk Frese

i am more of a craftsman than an intellectual.
i am a painter first, artist second.
i am a simple man:
a rather pragmatic, technical type, driven by instinct,
and (most of the time) far less theoretical.
for me this means, in order to grasp something, i need to experience it first-hand.
therefore my artwork has strong autobiographical tendencies …

my experiences turn to paintings, in which i strive for atmospheric density,
packing my insight into more or less comprehensible narratives …
at the centre of that effort, i try to reconcile realistic superstructure
with resolute abstract landmarks.
i have a recurring interest in the break, or the crack, that runs through things …
be it cities, facades, faces, humans or landscapes.

“there is a crack in everything,
that is how the light gets in.”
– L. Cohen

Instagram: @lukfrese
facebook: Luk-Frese

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